Thursday, April 28, 2011

SuitAbility Jodhpur Resized Pattern Links (Imperial Officer Jodpurs)

If you are getting confused how this is different from my previous post, please let me explain. The previous post includes the SuitAbility Jodhpur pattern and instructions. To make my pattern, I took the images from the pattern file and resized them in Photoshop, then saved each page as a PDF. I then placed the PDF file into a full version of Adobe Acrobat, set "print scaling" in the "print" menu to "Tile Large Pages" so I was able to print the large sheets onto A3 sheets (but it can be printed on what ever paper you have).

The files below are the resized ones I made. They are all PDF's.

SuitAbility Jodhpur pattern page 5

SuitAbility Jodhpur pattern page 6
SuitAbility Jodhpur pattern page 7
SuitAbility Jodhpur pattern page 8
SuitAbility Jodhpur pattern page 9
SuitAbility Jodhpur pattern page 11
SuitAbility Jodhpur pattern page 12
SuitAbility Jodhpur pattern page 13

Please note, Page 10 is not required. To reduce file sizes I made the images gray-scale.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SuitAbility Jodhpur Pattern Links (Imperial Officer Jodpurs)

For the SuitAbility jodhpur pattern, you can find it at Char Tozard's site,

or mirrored links here:

SuitAbility Jodhpurs Pattern (3 MB)
SuitAbility Jodhpurs Instructions (2.1 MB)

Mock-up Jodhpurs

Here are some images of my mock-up Imperial Officer Jodhpurs based on the SuitAbility pattern.

The pants have not been cuffed, and I have not put the waistband on. Alterations to the pattern that are planned to include a slight increase in the back (for the times like now when I have eaten far too many Easter eggs), a slight trim of the sides of the Jodhpurs so it isn't as extreme, and an addition of about 3cm to the length of the pants to be cuffed properly.

For the pattern

Time worked on pattern: 9 hours
Time spent waiting in Spotlight to be served: .5 hours

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Before You Start...

Before you start a project, it is recommended that you move the cat...

Spook enjoys large sheets of fabric and paper and has to be taken to another room otherwise he rolls and dives on it all very cutely. :D

Friday, April 22, 2011

Imperial Officer Pants Pattern

I have been interested in the Imperial Officer uniform for a while, especially the black one. So I thought I would give it a go sewing one. I have been using the out of print SuitAbility Jodhpur pattern that Char Tozard made available, scaling the photos to the correct size, printing them on A3 sheets, gluing them together, then tracing the around the correct size. This is the result.

Now time to cut out the calico and test the pattern.

Time worked on pattern: 4 hours
Time spent waiting in Spotlight to be served: .5 hours

Thursday, April 14, 2011

More work on the helmet

I have been working more on the helmet, and this is the first filler base coat on the front plate. As I had adhesion problems on the main part of the helmet I used paint stripper to get it back to the resin and worked from there.

The next bit will be to get the upper part to be smooth like the movie prop, then to file and dremel the lens area to the correct shape (and flat to allow a lens easily). I am also trying to get the helmet to close properly, so more sanding. :)

This is the helmet prior to stripping the paint off.  It sanded up ok, but with bubbling and adhesion issues with the old paint, stripping was the best option.

Total work time: 5 hours

Monday, April 11, 2011

Working on the helmet

I have been working on the helmet a little, trying to sand the bubble out and smooth out a few other bumps. Laying on a lot of putty is the next step.

Total time spent on helmet: 3 hrs

Friday, April 8, 2011

My First Troop!

Last Saturday (2nd April), I was out in the field teaching students geology. The air was cool and crisp, the wind coming off the Mountain. Suddenly my mobile went off, it was a call from Nick B, asking if I wanted to help with a troop that night. I said I would love to, but I had not finished my armour let. I would be borrowing his.

Doning armour was great. I did feel like a noob, though. Putting things on in the wrong order or up-side-down. I got sorted in the end.

The troop was for the Magpies football team which were playing at the KGV in front of a crowd of over 8400 people. One the whole the troop was good, but there were some people that prefered to knock us about.

Today we made it into the paper. :)