Thursday, April 9, 2015

Harry Potter Costume – a Start

For many years I was reluctant to try the Harry Potter novels. Partially because there was so much hype over the first movie, but when I saw it in the cinema, it was fun mainly from the wonderful cast, but I felt I was missing something. I was also reading through the Lord of the Rings trilogy and associated books.

Then last year a friend gave me the first book on audio format, read by Stephen Fry. As I just love what Stephen Fry does, and his voice, I could not help but try this audio book. At the time I was doing a lot of prop building and listening to audio books was a real pleasure, as I did not have a moment to read actual books. Within a short time, I was hooked. Over the summer and autumn I listened to all of the books, and simply loved them! I found myself wishing that I had read them sooner. I had been a fool to doubt the quality of the books!

Now that I had experienced the books, I thought it was time to give the movies a go too. I still think I prefer the books, but the movies made a lot more sense, and I could understand that they had to cut large sections just to tell the story.

The costumes in the films were great; I especially liked the later series ones. I thought I would get one together, and perhaps even teach one of my classes whilst wearing it. Well, maybe without the robes, but still it would be fun!

The first question, what house? A good friend of mine joked on several occasions that I am rather a Gryffindor. Looking at myself when I was a teen, I did relate rather a lot to Neville Longbottom. I use to be (and still am) a nerdy sort of person, clumsy, forgetful, but excellent in my class of interest.
I rather liked Neville’s vests, so I would model my costume roughly on his, but still try to look like I might be an old girl (past student) from Hogwarts.

As with all costumes and props I make, I start by doing a lot of research!

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